Friday, January 15, 2010

Which are better in my case: gel or silk nails? read details. =]?

Im probably only going to get them re-filled once. I have to go to a wedding and then I might aswell have them looking nice for the begining of my first year at being an elementary school teacher. My natural nails are very brittle and very very short, I admitt, I have a habbit of biting my nails! Hah! So I'm afraid a simple manicure wont do the trick. =[ I dont want to spend an enormous amount of money and I want my nails to be in tact once the gels/silks come off. Oh, and I can get a french manicure on both of them, right? Im going for a clean cut french manicure!! =] Thank youu!Which are better in my case: gel or silk nails? read details. =]?
I went to a web site cuz I could not remember which was better etc.. so here is what I found :

Gel - Lighter, thinner, odourless and more natural feeling than acrylic, Gel nails are the number one choice around the rest of Europe. They require less frequent infilling and are undoubtedly kinder on your nail than Acrylic. So why are these not the number one choice for technicians and salons in the UK? Lack of knowledge and technicians failing to move with the times maybe? It did use to be the case 10 years or so back that Gel nails were not 'up to the job' but newer products and advances in technology now mean this is no longer the case.

Pro - Lighter, thinner, more natural feeling %26amp; kinder on the nails than Acrylic.

Con - Very slightly less hard wearing than Acrylic??

3) Silk- The thinnest of all and some say the most natural looking although they are not ideally suited to those with a busy lifestyle. No primer is required when having Silk extensions, when a primer is used, as it is with other methods, it is designed to ';pit'; the natural nail. This allows the liquid form of acrylic to ooze into the holes, so that when it dries and solidifies, it has a better adherence; thus allowing the acrylic to stay on the nail. This leaves the natural nail weak, technically speaking, anything that is applied to the natural nail causes ';damage';. If one were to rate the degree of damage with this process, on a scale of 1 to 5 (one, being nail polish) the Silk process process would be a two.

Pro - Kindest system for your nails.

Con - Not suited for busy lifestyles but good for special occasions.

Good luckWhich are better in my case: gel or silk nails? read details. =]?
of course, i love silk nails. those look so cool. hope this will help
Gel is better...with silk they use glue.

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