Friday, January 15, 2010

Silk wrap or acrylic nails?

I just got my nails done the other day with my dad's gf.

she told the lady to do silk wrap on my nails or whatever thats called.

a few months ago I had my nails done with acrylic.

I was just wondering, whats the difference?what do you girls do?should i do it the other way?Silk wrap or acrylic nails?
Silk wraps are more flexible and thinner. Acrylic is more durable. Personally, I find that acrylic holds better because it stands up to water and abuse. Silk wraps don't.

Neither enhancement is more damaging that the other. What's damaging is the nail technician and her technique. If she is not using a drill to file or over filing on your natural nail then there shouldn't be that much damage. Also if she is using quality products there shouldn't be either.Silk wrap or acrylic nails?
they look and feel the same, but wraps are less damaging for the names.

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