Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Have you ever had silk wrap nails?

I went to the salon for a manicure and the lady asked if I wanted acrylic nails. I told her no because I really don't need them. I have nice nails and I don't want to damage them. She suggested silk wrap which she said would protect my nails. The only reason silk wrap appeals to me is because she said the nail polish stays on for 3 weeks as opposed to chipping off with natural nails. Should I get the silk wrap?Have you ever had silk wrap nails?
I prefer silk or fibreglass systems but if your nails are currently fine then dont bother. The salon is just trying to drum up extra business, yes sure polish can stay on longer but if you buy a decent base coat you'll get over a week anyway. With ANY nail system you are looking at constant upkeep...depending on how quick your nails grow you will be there every 2-3 weeks. The wrap makes your nails harder, more brittle so more prone to breaking where your natural nail is likely to flex. Dont get me wrong, I like wraps but I prefer real nails.

I use wraps on my fingers when I've chipped or ripped a nail to add strength and keep them all the same length. I'll use wraps on clients hands where there own nails are too weak or too prone to splitting etc and i'll occasionally use wrap system with tips if a client requestsHave you ever had silk wrap nails?
get a regular manicure because silk wrap is really expensive
no, just get a normal manicure
yeah you should try that(:

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