Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Does anyone know about Silk wrap Nails?

Do you have to put on tips for silk wrap nails?Does anyone know about Silk wrap Nails?
No it doesn't have a tip and they look like glass. What they use is a paper mold that they put underneath your nail and create a tip with it and let it dry and mold it into a nail shape. They cost more than acrylic nails but they look so nice and glossy!Does anyone know about Silk wrap Nails?
Hmm what the other answerer described is a sculptured nail, not a silk wrap nail.

No you don't have to have tips for a silk wrap. You can just have them on your natural nails. The purpose of it is to give more support for your nails, so it's good for someone who wants to grow out their natural nails but not go for acrylics.

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