Friday, January 15, 2010

Silk Wraped Nails?

I have a crack in my nail deep into the nail bed. If I got my nails silk wrapped to prevent the nail from tearing, would they need to keep getting filled like acrylic nails while they grow out?Silk Wraped Nails?
Yes, you would have to have the silk wrap maintained. Keep in mind that the longer you try to have the tip of that nail, the more that the nail flexes, the further into your nail the tear can go. A silk wrap may be a good idea to prevent the crack from catching on things, but you will need to keep the nail super short until the crack has fully grown off of the nail bed.Silk Wraped Nails?
Silk wrapped need to be maintained too. Have you tried putting super glue on your nail w/ nothing else to just seal it? This can work too.
yeaah u would have to keep redoing them cuz the wrapped part gets further and further away from the cuticle
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