Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nails: What exactly is a silk wrap, and what is its benefits?

I just recently got an overlay and I didnt like how it left my natural nails looking, so I was lookin to try something different. I need something that both strengthen and not destry my nails.Nails: What exactly is a silk wrap, and what is its benefits?
A silk wrap is a piece of very tightly woven silk that can be prefit or cut exactly to match your nail plate. It is laid on top of your nail and several coats of a high tech resin are applied over the silk. An aerosol glue dryer is then sprayed over the nail and thus hardening the glue. The next step is to file and buff and prepare to polish. If all these steps are done properly, your nails whether they are natural or tips should be undetectable as fake. I have had excellent success with silk wraps and have been doing nails professionally for over 20 years. They require fill-in's every two weeks just like any other enhancements. They are durable and are alot thinner that acrylic. Just remember that your natural nails should NEVER be prepped with a drill. Your natural nails should be ';etched';, which means very light filing to remove the oils that accumulate on the nail plate. I would definitely recommend you seek out a professional in your area and not one of those ';discount'; salons. Feel free to email me anytime if you should have any questions. Good luck to you.Nails: What exactly is a silk wrap, and what is its benefits?
Wraps are pieces of silk, linen or fiberglass that have been glued to the nail. This adds strength, and sometimes length, to the nail. Also though applied on top of natural nails, wraps are most commonly used to strengthen tips. Silk is the most natural-looking wrap and provides a lot of flexibility, but it is often too delicate for those with active lifestyles. Linen is stronger, but not transparent and appears quite thick. Fibreglass provides the best of both worlds since it gives the natural look of silk and the strength of linen. All are sort of not great for your natural nail.
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