Friday, January 15, 2010

How can i make my nails strong after removing a silk wrap?

I started getting silk wraps about 3 years ago because my nails grow long but they would be really brittle and break easy, some one told me that a silk wrap will strengthen my nails. I am tired of gettin silk wraps and want to remove them because its thinning my natural nails but the nail tech said if i do my natural nails will break off, I personally think she would just hate to see the money go, Is there any other way i can strength my natural nails?How can i make my nails strong after removing a silk wrap?
Take them off and buy some strengthning nail polish which can be found in most stores which has a beauty section, also drink plenty of milk as this helps strengthen the nails, If you are a vegan or just hate milk you can buy calcium tablets from a health store, but don't listen to the nail technician as your nails won't drop off that I can be sure of !How can i make my nails strong after removing a silk wrap?
the best nail treatment I ever have used in Nail Envy - it really works if you give it a few weeks. I used i and most folks thought I had acrylics
--%26gt;nail strengthening base coat%26lt;--

that way u can also wear whatever nail polish color u want over it also. (your nails can be pretty WHILE they grow instead of feeling like they got to be ugly while u wait)

there are all sorts of different brands
There are some types of nail polish that make your nails nice and strong and they really work. You can by the clear strong nail polish at a local store most likely.

by the way i agree that that women just doesn't want to see the money go

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