Friday, January 15, 2010

Should I get a silk wrap (nails)?

I wanna get my nails done for my birthday, but my nails are thin and short from the last time I got them done because I got acrylic nails. I was advised to use silk wraps because they're better for your nails (even though I understand that any sort of fake nails weaken your nails) but I dunno if they'll last long because I use my hands a lot for cleaning and whatnot (I need them to last at least 2 weeks). Is it worth it to get a silk wrap or should I just get acrylic again?Should I get a silk wrap (nails)?
I have had acrylic nails on for almost 20 years and my nails are probably crappy under, but I dont ever have them removed, so I dont see them.

If you are going to keep getting them done on a reguar basis, go for the acrylic - its stronger and lasts better.

If you only intend on having them on for your birthday - get yourself a professional manicure instead.

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