Thursday, January 14, 2010

Roughly, how much do silk nails cost?

:) thanks!Roughly, how much do silk nails cost?
acrilic is about 20 dollar matinace every 2-3 weeksRoughly, how much do silk nails cost?
Not sure, but if you will visit a beauty school, and yes they do good, still in training. Their cost of all is less than most and you give them experience, and who knows may find someone for all your beauty needs. Best to you!
at the store do you can apply them yourself, 15 bucks for a good pair.

at the salon, 40$
100 per snail
Depends on where you go to get them done. Sorry that I can't help you more!
about 25-35 dollars!
wdf? r dose?
More money in your back account i bet
as much as that weeve u got shawty

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