Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How do you refil silk wrap nails? ?

with silk nails, do you just cut the desired shape and stick to the cuticle of the nail agen? or do you have to leave it to grow out and then stick other one on?How do you refil silk wrap nails? ?
Silk wrap nails use resin, when your nails have grown enough for you to notice a ridge then you can either file/buff the ridge smooth so its flush with your own nail (great care must be taken so that you're not filing your own nail) or you can have an infill of resin. when your nails have grown so much that the silk is mainly on your free edge with very little left on your nail body then its time to remove and have a fresh set (roughly 4 months apart depending on speed of nail growth)

Of all the nail systems I prefer the wrap system...its more natural looking and actingHow do you refil silk wrap nails? ?
You need to wait for them to fall off and use a new one, or wait for them to grow out.

definitely don't cut out a shape at the bottom!!!

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