Friday, January 15, 2010

Acrlyic vs. Silk nails?

Which is better and why?Acrlyic vs. Silk nails?
acrylics are usually tougher, more durable, Silks are easier on the natural nail, look more natural because they're thinner, and generally have a more elegant look and feel, because the natural nail is allowed to grow out underneath them, and you don't have that funny fake looking line underneath the nail where the natural nail stops and the acrylic takes over. they usually look much more natural without colored polish than acrylics too.

Gel (or solar, light cured) nails also look nice without polish, or clear polish, but are more likely to shatter or crack on impact than either acrylic or silk, and some people are allergic to the combination of the chemicals used and the UV light, causing painful and itchy blisters around the nail.

Fiberglass is another nice natural looking option.


you can avoid them turning yellowish or greyish by using a good base coat under polish, one with a UV filter built in. (it's a clear bluish color basecoat)

also acrylics are the most likely of all the different types to encourage nail fungus.

I would definitely recommend silk over them all.Acrlyic vs. Silk nails?
silk nails last longer but they stain with color easier like if you got a really dark color they can turn a greyishy color.
silk, more pretty
I prefer solar. They last sooo much longer and don't turn that weird yellowish color after a while.

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