Friday, January 15, 2010

What are acrylic nails? And what are silk wrap-thingys?

Thinking about maybe doing something nice to my nails.What are acrylic nails? And what are silk wrap-thingys?
Acrylic nails are generally applied with a nail tip which is GLUED to your natural nail bed. An acrylic material is layered over the tip and hardens. The new fake nail is then filed down and can be painted. They can be very pretty but generally look fake. I have had acrylic nails for years.

I have also tried silk wraps. I have very paper-thin nails and although I have nice nail beds and my nails will grow, they tear easily. A nail tech suggested silk wraps during a manicure and I tried it... HATED them! I would much rather have the acrylic nails or nothing at all.

Let me just say that here in the Midwest most of the nail salons are owned by Asians. I'm not prejudiced, but the level of expertise and the quality of the products used has been greatly compromised, not to mention the customer service is not very high. I just removed my acrylic nails after three years. I used to be able to go three weeks between fills and lately I barely make it a week. Is it because I'm harder on my nails? No, it's because the nail techs use hardly any product to fill the nail and their still charging the same. The last fill I had I could still see natural nail on the side of one of my tips. I pointed it out to the tech and he said ';no problem, you be fine, see you in two weeks.'; The nail broke the next day; I was so furious that I just soaked them all off.

I am now undergoing extensive nail repair! RevivaNail every day and Solar Oil 2-3 times per day. It will take 3-6 months to get my nails back in good shape. I am so tempted to go and get another acrylic set put on, but I am trying to stay strong! I miss my nails! But I know the products they use are so toxic. There will probably be a whole new cancer epidemic in the next 30 years from all of the acrylic nail toxins!What are acrylic nails? And what are silk wrap-thingys?
Its a substance they put on your nails after they apply the fake tips and file them down and polish.
Years ago I went to a nail salon and was talked into getting silk wraps, supposedly they were better for my nails than acrylics. Yeah, well they BOTH suck. And they BOTH ruin your nails! You will have to keep going back and spending money or your nails are destroyed. My nails were long and strong naturally, the lady just talked me into it when all I wanted was a manicure. Don't do it. Just get them painted. After I had my silk wraps taken off it took a couple months to get them strong and long again.
They are both a layer of thingy that go over your nails. sometime, tips are glued to your nails to extend their length. Then your nails will be filed to a desired shape, smoothened and painted on. Color would last mush longer over acrylic. You can do a design if you don't like color. I love girls with french manicure, it's beautiful.

Trust me, you don't want the silk wrap, it's more expensive, take longer tim, weaker, not as pretty.
they r daa fake nails dat u put on dat never work LOL:-)
Acrylic nails are made from acrylis powder that is made into a gel using acetone and then applied over your natural nail. Silk wrap is an actual piece of very fine silk material, cut to fit across your nail and held in place with nail gel. As silk is so strong naturally it makes a fabulous repair item.
They are dirty! More bacteria grow on artificial nails than natural nails. You are better off eating well, taking vitamins, and getting a regular manicure if you want healthy nails.

I work in a hospital, and they require all employees to have natural nails (no artificial nails) because of infection risk.
My nail tech always recommends gel nails because they don't damage your nails like acrylic nails do. I have noticed the difference from when I use to get acrylic and them take them off and my nails use to peel and be extremely damaged. Now that I get the gel nails, and I take them off for a while so my nails can breathe, they're soft, but there not damaged at all. Once you put nail hardener on them, they're fine.

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