Friday, January 15, 2010

What are silk nails?

It's not really a silk nail. What it is is a thin piece of silk fiber that is placed on the nail and then sealed and coated to give it a hard surface. It adds thickness to the nail to strengthen it. The only bad thing about it is as your nails grow out, you have to keep getting more silk added to the bottoms. It can be pricey after a while. Personally, I use a liquid nail strengthener, like Sally Hansen.What are silk nails?
silk wraps breath unlike acrylic nails ask your manicurist ...What are silk nails?
Silk wraps are just another type of artificial enhancement for your nails. They require fills every 2 to 3 weeks. They are a bit more flexible than acrylics.

A thin piece of silk is applied to your nail and then a coating of nail resin is applied.

Personally, I prefer acrylics because they hold up well with abuse and if your hands are in water a lot. I find that silk wraps do not hold up under the above circumstances.
Silk wrap. Just another kind of fake nails. They are crappier than acrylics. Both are horrible for you.
Sorry I haven't even heard about them. Hope you get a good answer.
silk nails are usually tips with a piece of silk glued to them . This technique is usually used for natural nails though to keep them from breaking much more natural looking then acrylic but more expensive because it is very time consuming
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