Friday, January 15, 2010

Silk Wrap Nails...??

I've been thinking about getting silk wrap nails...i used acrylic for 2 years and i have my own nails back again but im having a problem keeping them long and pretty.

So what exactly are silk they drill your nail beds like arcylic nails....are they heathly?? etc.Silk Wrap Nails...??
Try Bio Sculpture nails. They apparently dont file your nails thin, and are great. I have tried them yet, although I am in the same position as you. There arent that many places that do it here in Oz..Silk Wrap Nails...??
im a nail tech, a lot of my customers has quit using acrylic nails, due to the fact that it weakens your nails, and switched to liquid gel overlay, which is a lot safer on your nails and feels very natural.

for an gel over lay all we need to do is file you nail a bit, to remove oils and dead skin on your nail, no drilling is involved

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