Friday, January 15, 2010

Acrylic versus Silk Nails?

I have acrylic nails and have had them for a while. My ex aunt does silk and has for some time. I need to have my old ones removed and new ones put on. Can you tell me which you prefer between the 2 and why? Also natural or my own nails are not an option at all. Thank you....Acrylic versus Silk Nails?
silk nails look more naturalAcrylic versus Silk Nails?
i would go for acrylic. i love them because they are strong and dont break easily. I use them all the time. I see how people try other ones but i never seem to be interested in others because i am very happy with acrylic.. and they make them thin now (still hard though) and they look natural.
I like acrylic because i can do it myself. I don't think its that hard to take them off and redo them. i dont' know why you are having trouble. never had the silk ones but i use nail tips now intead of making the nails itself. i have graduated abit and its easy and cheap i have gotten good at it and never had any bad stuff under the nail you can learn and easy and cheap to do and make yourown stuff up.
I have porcelain for the last 5yrs after having acrylic for 5yrs. Like porcelain better, the grow out doesn't look as bad.
never heard of silk nails
Acrylic is much more versatile in options as well as stronger. Silk is typically much thinner and more natural looking. I do not reccomend silk if you work with your hands much because it just doesn't have the same amount of strength. If you like the look of your aunt's nails, I suggest talking to your tech about making your nails a bit thinner (can be done on top or by drilling the underside (or both), depending on which look you like). Or you may choose to find another technician if yours is unable/unwilling to work with you. The best techs can be found in hair and nail salons as opposed to small stand-alone quick shops.

Good luck.
silk! acrylic will kill your nail beds

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