Friday, January 15, 2010

Acrylic, Gel, fiberglass, or Silk Wraps for my nails?

I have naturally beautiful nails that grow long and strong. I love getting my nails polished at a salon, but the polish always begins to chip the next day! I am tired of wasting my money and want to know what I can apply to my nails to keep the polish on the longest.

I have had acrylic before, and dislike the thickness and bulkiness on my nails. I want something to feel thin and natural- and help give me long lasting polish! I am unfamiliar with gels and silk wraps. I've heard about fiberglass, but don't know anything about it.

Thanks for your help!!!!! Have a great day!Acrylic, Gel, fiberglass, or Silk Wraps for my nails?
I have always had long, strong nails, too. I would never get anything but polish put on them. They will make your nails weak. To help polish last longer: if you have a manicure go home and put a top coat on, then put top coat on every couple of days. I use Sally Hanson Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat. It dries fast and works great. Also, if you are doing any cleaning be sure to wear gloves.Acrylic, Gel, fiberglass, or Silk Wraps for my nails?
gel and silk are very fragile, and expensive.

Tell your nail tech to do your acrylic very very thin, and give it a gel overlay. It'll cost about $50 for the original nails, but the color lasts longer and looks smoother, and you can remove it with nail polish remover without damaging the gel.

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