Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Are silk nails healthier for your nail beds than acrylic (glue)?

I always see the option for silk and sometimes solar nails at my local salon, but am not sure what these things are and if they are easier on the natural nails than the glue-based acrylic.Are silk nails healthier for your nail beds than acrylic (glue)?
Silk wraps are not as durable as acrylic overlays. The nail enhancements (i.e., acrylic, wraps, gels) are not was causes the damage to your nails. It's the nail tech. If you go to a reputable salon with a licensed nail tech that does quality work then the damage to your natural nails will be minimal.Are silk nails healthier for your nail beds than acrylic (glue)?
SIlk nails are glue based. Acrlics are not. I'm not quite sure how, or why you think they are, but they aren't. SIlk nails aren't very durable, and I really don't recommend them to people. And no, acrylics will not damage your nails as long as you go to a good tech, at a good, reputable salon. If you had bad experiences before, try going to a mid-to-high end salon. Not all of them are good, but I provided links for you to help eliminate some of the guesswork in choosing a good salon. You will pay more, but you won't feel rushed, or feel like you are part of an assembly line process. The cheap salons are just like that though. I can tell that you are going to a discount salon because you mentioned Solar Nails. Discount salons are really the only places that offer these, and they are not some new product, or something special though many people think they are. In case you already don't know it, Solar Nails ARE acrylic nails. Its the same exact acrylic products used on your nails. The term solar nail refers to whats otherwise called Pink %26amp; Whites, or Permanent French in the vast majority of salons owned and operated by Americans.The discount salons are not the places to go for nail services. They want you out that door as quickly as they can possibly get you out of there, and they use the absolut cheapest acrylic products that they can buy, hence the low prices. Plus, they will use a drill and ruin your nails more often than not. In a good salon, it will take about one and a half hours for a full set. And they will not rush you. Instead, you should feel relaxed, and pampered at the same time. For a list of salons all across the U.S., have a look at either of these two links. The first ons is from CND, who is the largest, and oldest nail product company in the world. They manufacture top of the line acrylic and gel products for prodessionals as well as a complete line of skin and nail products for the consumer.The techs that you will find on their salon locator have ALL been company trained in the use of their products, and company certified prior to their being listed on this page. Just find one in your area, and click on it, and a window will open up which will give you very detailed information about that particular tech/salon.

The second link is very good also, and its from a very reputable source. You cannot go wrong with either of them.

I hope this helps!!!鈥?/a>鈥?/a>
yes, a silk overlay is much better than acrylic, while it is better to stay away from both, silk overlay will make your nails stronger and will not damage the nail bed. I personally have silk overlay, but you must keep them done!!! hope my answer helped, be blessed!

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